Why do so many modern creative geniuses like Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Charles Darwin hail from the West instead of the East?  Why do the Chinese, who were the first people in the world to use paper, printing and gunpowder, lag behind their Western counterparts in modern discoveries and inventions?  You can find the answers to these questions and more in this book, which argues that Asians are less creative than their Western counterparts because of their cultural background. Also included are practical pointers on how to be more creative in everyday life.

Reviewers’ Comments

  • …a thought-provoking book which raises important issues for the 21st century …reviews a wide range of sources in the study of creativity and draws many practical implications.
    Associate Professor Ian Smith, University of Sydney 
  • …provides an interesting cross-cultural perspective on creativity…stimulating reading for all Westerners and Easterners alike.
    Professor Elwyn Thomas, University of London 
  • Unlike apologists for Confucianism, the author is honest and critical in his approach.  An audacious undertaking, this book may be disconcerting to some readers, especially those who disavow comparing ethnic groups on the basis of creativity or other cognitive abilities…delightful to read, refreshing, informative, provocative.
    Professor David Y. F. Ho, University of Hong Kong 
  • Educators, parents and scholars, who are interested in, and concerned with, developing creativity in the younger generation, should read this book.
    Dr Soh Kay Cheng, Senior Fellow, National Institute of Education, Singapore 


Book Chapters

Chapter 1 – The Paradoxical World of the Creator

Chapter 2 – The Nature of Asian and Western Society

Chapter 3 – The Psychological Make-Up of the Asian and Westerner

Chapter 4 – Culture, Creativity and Individuated Behaviour

Chapter 5 – Culture, Creativity and Motivated Behaviour

Chapter 6 – How Asian and Western Students Strive for Success

Chapter 7 – How Asians and Westerners Deal with Conflict

Chapter 8 – Can the East survive the West?

Chapter 9 -Towards a More Creative Society of Asians

Click here for a preview of Why Asians Are Less Creative Than Westerners – Chapter 3.

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