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Kwang is very motivated in promoting the cause of creativity in teaching. His workshop is filled with colourful anecdotes about eminent creators and creative teachers. It inspires me to unleash the creative spirit in my own students.

Jeremy Lee, Nan Chiau Primary School

I have a great time in applying what I’d learnt in this workshop to my own class. I was also able to combine maths, art and mother tongue in one lesson. The students were happy as I brought them out of the classroom to conduct my lesson. They now beg for more of such lessons to be conducted.

Noor Naime, Telok Kurau Primary School

A very practical and interesting workshop.  I learned how to nurture creativity in my students. I am made aware of creativity killers and how to protect students from them. I can apply what I have learned to my lessons.

Constance Kwok, Chong Boon Secondary School

A very good introduction to the psychology of creativity. I have learnt many useful and applicable concepts to use in the classroom. Dr Ng is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. More than that, he has also inspired me to be a more creative teacher. Best of all, with the knowledge he has imparted, I know how to now!

Faridah Ahmad, English & Literature

Excellent session with lots of creative ideas & theories. I like the idea that all the information were uploaded before the first day of lesson. Interesting books on creativity by Kwang which is a great source of reference for this module on creativity.

Jimmy Chia, National Institute of Education

Dr Ng is very knowledgeable and clear with his examples on creativity and happiness. I enjoyed his workshop and find the content to be very helpful in enabling me to assist my students.

Tay S C, ITE College East

Dr Kwang has conducted an amazing module. It gave me many ideas on creativity and made me think in-depth on how to develop creativity in my pupils.

Jacqueline Minjoot, National Institute of Education

Excellent course with lots of ideas and surprises for every lesson. Through this course, I discovered a new perspective on how to design creative lessons. I also learned more about my own personality. I hope that other teachers will come for this course and experience the joyous feeling of being creative.

William Lee Choong How, Mathematics

Dr Kwang is very approachable and it makes this intensive course less stressful and surprisingly enjoyable. Thank you Dr Kwang for a meaningful and enjoyable inter-semester course!

Lorraine Tan, National Institute of Education

The course has given me a deeper insight into my role and ability as a creative teacher. Kwang has shared many invaluable info and techniques to understand creativity, and how to be creative. I will recommend this course for teachers looking to give their students an extra “oomph” in creative teaching & learning.

Grace Lim, National Institute of Education

The course turned out to be an eye-opener for me.  It interested me tremendously and led me to do a lot of introspection.  Professor Ng’s passion in the subject of creativity is inspiring and should be carried on beyond NIE.    

Junie Ong, National Institute of Education

Workshop Feedback from Senior Teachers – “Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom”

Things that I have learnt

Creativity can be nurtured

Creative ways of teaching

Creativity can be assessed

Interdisciplinary lesson plans can be interesting

What a creative product is

Wonders of creativity in IDEO

Creativity starts with ordinary things around you

Use creative lessons to build student interest

Planning a creative lesson needs time & effort

Creativity can be in any form e.g., poetry, picture

4 Ps of Creativity: Person/Press/Process/Product

Ask for forgiveness not permission

Allow organized chaos in the creative classroom

Creativity is not so boring after all

Things that I would like to use

Creative problem-solving using innovative style

Different assessment criteria for creativity

Creative lesson plan in Science, Arts, Maths.

Creative techniques e.g., brainstorming

Creative puzzles e.g., two-string problem

Ordinary things to trigger off a creative lesson

Student-made items e.g., paper boat, robot

Empower students to give creative solutions

Managing creative students who’re disruptive

Open-minded attitude in the classroom

Video on The Deep Dive

Video on Dead Poets Society

Assessing myself as a creative teacher

Understanding my strengths & weaknesses

Student Feedback on Creative Thinking Course @ Singapore Management University

1.  It helps us to know more about how creative we can be…inspires us to tap on our creativity.

2. The way the Prof delivers his lessons is very interesting and unique.  He allows us to express our creativity through interesting and challenging activities.

3.  The fact that it helps you to think out of the box, be more open to new experiences and use creative thinking to solve everyday problems. In a world where innovation is critical, CT helps us open our minds and use our thinking and other skills to get ahead.

4.  Very interesting. I learnt a lot about how creativity and personality can be linked.  Prof is a very creative person, and I learnt a lot from him.

5.  The fun nature and atmosphere of the class. Very light and de-stressing.  I REALLY enjoyed myself during the class!

6.  I had fun working with my group members in the team project. In addition, I get to know myself better and learn how to be a more positive person as I work on my personal portfolio. Overall, the entire course is made very relaxing and refreshing by the Prof.

7.  Very interesting to learn about ourselves, and how to improve our creativity. Especially fun to work in groups to come up with our creative product, or the in-class games.

8.  This course on Creative Thinking is very interesting.  It helps me to know more about my own creative strengths and weaknesses through the psychological tests conducted.

9.  The Prof is very helpful in answering all our questions on creativity. I am deeply impressed by his broad and deep knowledge on creativity.

10. Prof Ng has taught this module using the psychological approach. He gives us an insight on how we can develop the creative part in ourselves which we may have thought we do not have. His way of teaching creativity using the psychological approach has made this module very interesting and enlightening.