In his controversial bestseller, Dr Ng Aik Kwang argued that Asians are less creative than Westerners, because of their cultural background. However, he went on to assert that Asians can be as creative as their Western counterparts in the right environment. School teachers play an important role in making the environment right for creativity, by sowing the seeds of creativity in the Asian classroom. In recognition of this fact, Dr Ng has written this new book on how to liberate the creative spirit in Asian students.  Three unique features characterize this book. First, it is based on the latest scientific research and finding on creativity. The reader will gain a good and solid understanding of creativity. He or she can use this scientific knowledge to enhance the creativity of Asian students. Second, it is written as a practical guide for creative teachers in the East. The reader will learn how Asian students from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore typically behave in the classroom. He or she will pick up many useful tips on how to nurture their creativity. Finally, it is based on Dr Ng’s own experience of instructing novice and experienced teachers on how they can develop creativity in Asian students. Drawing on this experience, Dr Ng describes many real examples of what creative teachers do to realize the creative potential of their students.

Reviewers’ Comments

  • Kwang has done it again. I cannot think of a better book as a sequel to the first. Where his first book points out the factors that undermine individual creativity, this book is designed for society’s change agents – teachers – for it is teachers who work with the most precious resource of all, our children’s minds.
    Professor Gerard Puccio, State University of New York (America) & Director of The International Center for Studies in Creativity
  • This thought-provoking book offers teachers, policy makers and researchers in educational contexts a rich preseentation of ways in which creativity can be stimulated in schools. Clearly written, with numerous classroom examples and illustrations concerning eminent creators, this text is a must-read.
    Professor Todd Lubart, University of Paris (France)
  • Kwang presents an Asian perspective on how Asians cultivate creativity in an Asian context. His book encourages lay people, teachers as well as academics to engage in everyday conversation and scientific dialogue on how to foster creativity in the Asian classroom.
    Associate Professor Tan Ai Girl, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  • An extremely stimulating and thought-provoking book that challenges us to liberate the creative spirit in us as well as our students. Highly recommended for teachers!
    Dr Jessie Ee, National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Book Chapters

Chapter 1 – Why should you be a creative teacher?

Chapter 2 – The four Ps of creativity

Chapter 3 – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most creative of them all?

Chapter 4 – Designing the IDEO shopping cart of the future

Chapter 5 – How creative are you? How are you creative?

Chapter 6 – What motivates us to engage in creative problem-solving?

Chapter 7 – How to use creative techniques in the classroom

Chapter 8 – Why are we afraid to be creative?

Chapter 9 – Where there’s a creative will, there’s a creative way

Chapter 10 – The creative teacher as a mentor of students

Chapter 11 – Why is there a paradox in promoting creativity in the Asian classroom?

Chapter 12 – Nurturing self-determined learners in the creative classroom

Chapter 13 – A delicate little plant in search of freedom

Chapter 14 – A better tomorrow for the creative teacher?

Click here for a preview of Liberating the Creative Spirit in Asian Students – Chapter 1.

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