This workshop looks at how to be a happy and creative teacher based on the positive psychology approach. Participants will be introduced to the scientific study of happiness (also known as positive psychology) and gain insight on two basic approaches to happiness.  The hedonic approach focuses on increasing pleasure and decreasing pain, whereas the eudaimonic approach focuses on developing the true potential of the person.  Participants will learn how to measure happiness by assessing subjective well-being, and identify the characteristics of happy and creative people.  In addition, participants will also be familiarized with the roadblocks and obstacles to happiness in the modern world. To ensure that the learning process is meaningful and interactive, participants will engage in various activities during the workshop, like watching short videos on happiness, analyzing their happiness via a psychological survey, and examining how they can apply the principles of positive psychology to the classroom.  In summary, this workshop will equip participants with the psychological knowledge and tools to be a happy and creative teacher based on the positive psychology approach.


  1. Participants understand what happiness and positive psychology is.
  2. Participants understand how to measure happiness via subjective well-being.
  3. Participants understand the relationship between happiness and creativity.
  4. Participants understand how to be a happy and creative teacher.
  5. Participants understand how to apply the principles of positive psychology to nurture happy and creative learners.

For Who

School Teachers




Dr Ng Aik Kwang is an expert on the cultivation of creativity in the Asian classroom and society.  He is the author of six popular books on this subject.  They include Why Asians Are Less Creative Than Westerners (2001); Liberating the Creative Spirit in Asian Students (2004); Creative Problem-Solving for Asians: A Practical Guide to Develop Your Creativity as an Asian (2007); Asian & Western Paths to Happiness: How to be Creative and Live the Good Life (2008); Creativity: Questions & Controversies (2009) as well as Psychology of Creativity (2013).  Dr Ng received the 2001 Early Career Research Award from the International Council of Psychologists for a provocative paper which is interestingly entitled Why Creators are Dogmatic People, “Nice” People are not Creative and Creative People are not “Nice”.  After obtaining his PhD in Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia, Dr Ng worked as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education (1999 – 2005).  Besides lecturing at NIE, Dr Ng has conducted courses on creativity in many schools and learning organizations, including Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University and SIM University.  Dr Ng is also an entrepreneur who set up The Idea Resort which provides interactive and practical workshops on creativity.

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