In this new book, Dr Ng looks at how to be a creative Asian. Many questions on creativity are answered. For example, what is the creator like? How does the social environment affect the development of your creativity? What creative techniques can you use to “think out of the box”? How do you motivate yourself as a creative problem-solver?  Importantly, Dr Ng argues that creativity is not restricted to certain individuals like Einstein or Picasso. Instead, all of us – including Asians – have the potential to be creative. Dr Ng shows how ordinary Asians can behave creatively, using examples of famous creators like Lee Ang (movie director, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple). Creative Problem-Solving for Asians is highly recommended for those readers who want to understand how the Asian society prevents them from behaving creatively, but who wish to be a creative Asian in spite of their society.

Reviewers’ Comments

  • The 21st century demands a creative and dynamic personality who can take the initiative in doing things. This takes a lot of re-learning for Asians who are raised to be shy, modest and reserved. In his provocative and inimitable style, Kwang dishes out practical, down-to-earth advice on how to be a creative Asian in spite of the society one is raised in.

    Dr Margaret Chan, Coordinator of Creative Thinking, Singapore Management University

  • Kwang has come up with a practical guide on creativity filled with many useful tips for the reader. For example, how do you design a creative product? What creative techniques can you use to “think out of the box”? Kwang whets our appetite with colorful anecdotes of creators, from Einstein and the Wright brothers to Zhang Yimou and Steve & Chad (the inventors of YouTube). A VERY interesting and insightful book!
    Dr Leong Chan Hoong, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Book Chapters

Chapter 1 – Asians can be creative in spite of their society

Chapter 2 – What is the creative person like?

Chapter 3 – How the environment shapes the creative personality

Chapter 4 – Making and evaluating a creative product

Chapter 5 – How to be like Einstein and solve problems creatively

Chapter 6 – It’s not how creative you are, but how are you creative

Chapter 7 – Getting into the flow of creativity: How creators motivate themselves

Chapter 9 – Using creative techniques to “think out of the box”

Chapter 10 – How to develop a thick skin for creativity

Chapter 11 – The resilient creator: That which does not kill me makes me strong

Chapter 12 – Becoming a creative Asian: May the Force be with you!

Click here for a preview of Creative Problem-Solving for Asians: A Practical Guide to Develop Your Creativity as an Asian – Chapter 8.

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