What is the good life? How can we live a meaningful existence on earth? Can money buy us happiness? What is the link between creativity and happiness? How do Asians and Westerners strive to be happy in their respective societies? In this new book, Dr Ng Aik Kwang provides a psychological perspective on these issues and more, by examining the cutting-edge research in positive psychology. This is a new field which uses psychological principles of behaviour to understand the positive, creative and emotionally-fulfilling elements of our lives. By the end of this book, readers will develop a scientific understanding of happiness and gain psychological insight on how to be a creative and happy person.

Reviewer’s comment

The field of psychology has moved in the direction of mental health and well-being or Positive Psychology. Aik Kwang’s new book on happiness provides a forum for important and practical issues in Positive Psychology to be discussed. It challenges the reader to think about creating a happy and fulfilling life rather than being preoccupied with the dark side of human nature. An informative book, it contains many interesting facts and examples on happiness in the East and West. Readers who wish to be creative and live the good life will gain much insight from reading this new book on happiness.

Dr Ooi Yoon Phaik, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Book Chapters

Chapter 1 – Positive psychology: The scientific pursuit of happiness

Chapter 2 – From Confucius to Socrates: Philosophical conceptions of happiness in the East and West

Chapter 3 – Under the microscope: How psychologists study happiness, and what they’ve found

Chapter 4 – Individual differences in happiness: Why some people are happier than others

Chapter 5 – Becoming a happier person: Utopian dream or practical reality?

Chapter 6 – Happiness and positive illusions: Why optimists fare better than pessimists

Chapter 7 – Happiness and positive emotions: How to be creative and live a long life by feeling good

Chapter 8 – Happiness and self-determination: Why money can’t make you happy but love can

Chapter 9- Happiness and creativity: How the creative ego copes with pain and suffering

Chapter 10 – How to live the good life: Asian and Western paths to happiness

Click here for the preview of Asian and Western Paths to Happiness: How to be Creative and Live the Good Life – Chapter 10.

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