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The Idea Resort provides interactive and practical workshops on creativity for school teachers, students, parents, employees and anyone who’s interested in understanding what creativity is and how to develop his/her creative potential. It is set up in 2005 by Dr Ng Aik Kwang, a psychologist-entrepreneur-author of various books in creativity.    An example is the controversial bestseller Why Asians are less creative than Westerners, which has been translated into two different languages (Chinese & Bahasa Indonesia).


Hi, I’m Kwang!
I’m the founder of The Idea Resort. I conduct training on creativity for school teachers, students and others. I also lecture in different organizations like the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University and SIM University. To find out more about me, please click here.
  • Kwang is very motivated in promoting the cause of creativity in teaching. His workshop is filled with colourful anecdotes about eminent creators and creative teachers. It inspires me to unleash the creative spirit in my own students.

    Jeremy Lee, Nan Chiau Primary School
  • I have a great time in applying what I’d learnt in this workshop to my own class. I was also able to combine maths, art and mother tongue in one lesson. The students were happy as I brought them out of the classroom to conduct my lesson. They now beg for more of such lessons to be conducted.

    Noor Naime, Telok Kurau Primary School
  • A very practical and interesting workshop.  I learned how to nurture creativity in my students. I am made aware of creativity killers and how to protect students from them. I can apply what I have learned to my lessons.

    Constance Kwok, Chong Boon Secondary School
  • A very good introduction to the psychology of creativity. I have learnt many useful and applicable concepts to use in the classroom. Dr Ng is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. More than that, he has also inspired me to be a more creative teacher. Best of all, with the knowledge he has imparted, I know how to now!

    Faridah Ahmad, English & Literature
  • Excellent session with lots of creative ideas & theories. I like the idea that all the information were uploaded before the first day of lesson. Interesting books on creativity by Kwang which is a great source of reference for this module on creativity.

    Jimmy Chia, National Institute of Education
  • Dr Ng is very knowledgeable and clear with his examples on creativity and happiness. I enjoyed his workshop and find the content to be very helpful in enabling me to assist my students.

    Tay S C, ITE College East
  • The course turned out to be an eye-opener for me.  It interested me tremendously and led me to do a lot of introspection.  Professor Ng’s passion in the subject of creativity is inspiring and should be carried on beyond NIE.    

    Junie Ong, National Institute of Education